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Thursday, 22 August, 2013



Profile of Prokon

Core business is providing project management services, primarily for customers in Azerbaijan:

  • Development of project implementation strategies, execution plans, and procedures.
  • Preparation of tender documentation.
  • Evaluation of potential sub-contractors and suppliers.
  • Project interface management.
  • Construction management.
  • Management of Health, Safety & Environment requirements.
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control management.
  • Project cost estimating and control.
  • Risk identification and management.

Growth Strategy:

  • Maintain focus on providing project and construction management services in the local Azerbaijani market.
  • Offer project  and construction management services to new customers in the energy industry within Azerbaijan.
  • Continue diversification into other sectors, such as local infrastructure.
  • Longer term, extend the project and construction management services to regional markets outside of Azerbaijan.

Major Projects Completed:

  • Gas offshore compressor stations at Guneshli and NeftDashlari fields
  • Offshore gas turbine co-generation power plant at NeftDashlari
  • Offshore gas lift project at Guneshli
  • Main gas pipeline at Gizidash Cement Plant

Other Projects Completed:

  • Plant internal gas pipelines at Gizildash cement plant
  • General civil and building works
  • GSM facilities construction and electrical works for Azerfon and Bakcell
  • Road construction 

Current Projects (awarded/in progress):

  • Construction management of large scale ammonia and urea plant


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