About Prokon

Core business is providing project management services, primarily to customers in Azerbaijan:

  • Development of project implementation strategies, execution plans, and procedures.
  • Preparation of tender documentation.
  • Evaluation of potential sub-contractors and suppliers.
  • Project interface management.
  • Construction management.
  • Management of Health, Safety & Environment requirements.
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control management.
  • Project cost estimating and control.
  • Risk identification and management.

Growth Strategy

  • Maintain focus on providing project and construction management services in the local Azerbaijani market.
  • Offer project and construction management services to new customers in the energy industry within Azerbaijan.
  • Continue diversification into other sectors, such as local infrastructure.
  • Longer term, extend the project and construction management services to regional markets outside of Azerbaijan.

Completed Projects

  • Gas Compressor Station #1

           Client: Socar

  • Gas Compressor Station #2

           Client: Socar

  • Gasliftcompressor Station

          Client: Socar

  • Oily Rocks Power Generation

          Client: Socar

  • QC Pipeline

          Client: NORM

  • Cement Silo & Internal Gas Pipeline

          Client: CTIEC

  • Soil Investigation

  Client: Samsung Engineering

  • Site Preparation

          Client: Socar Polymer

  • Design Adaptation And Approval

  Client: Samsung Engineering

  • Tank Fabrication And Erection

  Client: Samsung Engineering

  • Conditioning Facility 

          Client: Socar Polymer 

  • Socar Ammonia And Urea Complex

   Client: Samsung Engineering

  • High Voltage Electric Motor Overhaul

  Client: Karachaganak Petroleum Operating Company

  • Bina Zone Road- Social Responsibility Project


Ongoing Projects

  • Socar Haor Modernization And Reconstruction Package A

          Client: Kinetics Technology and Tecnimont JV

  • Azerkimya Steam To Power

  Client: Socar, Uniper

  • LukoilNizhegorodnefteorgsintez

  Cient: LukoilNizhegorodnefteorgsintez

  • RAVY Tower HighRise Building

          Client: Prokon

  • Bina School- Social Responsibility Project
  • Shagan Kindergarten- Social Responsibility Project