Oil and Gas Proserve

About Oil and Gas Proserve

Oil & Gas ProServ (OGP) is a local company offering new technologies, effective management and local expertise to the oil industry.

OGP provides the following services:

  • Field development study
  • Assembling, application and maintenance of Progressive Cavity Pumps
  • Application of chemicals against asphaltene-tar-paraffin sedimentation
  • Application of chemicals against sand and water isolation
  • Anti-corrosion solutions for oilfield equipment
  • Application of integrated plastic perforation technologies in wells
  • Applying new technologies and techniques that enable enhanced oil recovery from abundant wells

OGP Operations ensures:

  • Continuous exploration of the existing opportunities
  • Analysis of arising issues together with customer
  • Application of the latest technologies
  • The most suitable and effective solutions at competitive prices
  • Provision of continuous and satisfactory services
  • Customer satisfaction

We have expertise in conventional black-oil and mechanical productions methods in oil and gas industry.

In addition, we are familiar with the latest tools and methods in well data analysis and geostatistics and offer effective methods for meeting various challenges in oil fields