Llamrei (Procurement and Logistics)

About Llamrei

Our two core areas of business are:

  1. Procurement: This segment covers the procurement of a wide range of oilfield materials and equipment for its clients related to drilling, projects, maintenance and production operations. The service covers tendering, ordering, expediting and delivery.
  2. Logistics: The logistics group within Procurement focuses on optimizing the flow of material and equipment from the point of origin to delivery to the customer. As a majority of goods are sourced from global suppliers, the logistics function plays a vital role in ensuring timely delivery of goods to Nobel’s customers.

Development Strategy


  • Continue to focus on providing procurement services to existing customers.
  • Expand the range of procurement materials, equipment and services to existing customers.
  • Expand procurement services to new customers.


  • The plan is to start and develop this part in parallel with the development of the Trading business.