Global Energy Solutions (Glensol)

About Glensol

Our core business is providing equipment maintenance services, primarily to customers in energy industry.

  • By partnering with specialized service providers, we have built the capability to cover the turbo machinery, pumps,  top drives and chemicals segments of the maintenance sector.
  • The turbo machinery segment covers modification, repair, refurbishment, and maintenance of gas & steam turbines, compressors, heat exchangers, seals, controls and instrumentation, and condition monitoring.
  • The API pump segment covers installation, commissioning and repair of all types of API pumps (multi-stage, vertical, submersible).
  • As the exclusive distributor of GE chemicals in Azerbaijan, we provide a broad range of inhibitors for oil, anti-corrosive reagents, H2S scavengers, and corrosion treatment for water.

Growth Strategy

  • As a local service company, we aim to achieve long-term sustainable growth by adding value to our customers' operations with highly differentiated oilfield services and comprehensive products.
  • Develop long-term customer relationships through excellent service provision and creative solutions.
  • Extend our services in the local O&G market and develop new business in the CIS region.
  • To become the market-leading company in the CIS region, based on differentiated know-how and technical capabilities.

Major Oilfield Service Works

  • GCS1 plant maintenance service which includes maintenance of Siemens Turbines and compressors, and all auxiliary equipment.
  • GCS2 plant maintenance service which includes maintenance of Solar Turbines and compressors.
  • PG plant maintenance service which includes maintenance of Solar Turbines and generators and auxiliary systems.
  • Suez chemical sales in local oil and non-oil industry.
  • Provision of top drive service which includes installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair of top drives in 4 SOCAR drilling rigs.

Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ended December 31, 2018