Absheron Qazma

About Absheron Qazma

Our core business is providing integrated drilling and well management services.

A joint venture company, SOCAR-AQS was established in 2007 to focus on providing these services to Azneft Production Unit of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan.

Our expertise and range of services covers:

  • Well design and planning
  • Drilling operations
  • Specialised capability in drilling deviated and horizontal wells as well as multi-lateral wells
  • Casing string design and running casing
  • Well completion
  • Well workover
  • Sub-contractor management for services such as drilling fluids, logging, and cementing
  • Supply of drill pipe, casing, tubing, drilling equipment and spare parts, drilling mud and chemicals, diving systems,  BOPs, wellheads, and control systems.

Business Development Strategy

  • As a minimum, maintain existing core business as it is the foundation of the company.
  • Expand core business to include into more complex wells, such as HP/HT and long reach horizontal wells.
  • Diversify business with the addition of jack-up rigs.
  • Diversify client base through inorganic growth.
  • Create a technical base for entry into the onshore drilling markets.
  • Expand services to include well stimulation, such as acidizing and hydraulic fracturing