Our Business

Our Business

Nobel Oil Services (UK) Limited is a rapidly growing and diversified group of energy-related businesses. The company prides itself on providing exceptional value to customers and delivering innovative solutions while adhering to the highest ethical standards. 

The company's diverse business entities provide drilling, engineering and project management, as well as operations and maintenance, procurement and enhanced oil recovery services. 

Nobel Oil was originally established in 2005 providing procurement services to the Oil & Gas industry and in 2007 it broadened capabilities to provide drilling, work over’s, and engineering. Nobel Oil soon grew further into a progressive, diversified, value-generating service group in the oil, gas and energy sectors and turned into a recognizable brand. Nobel Oil strives to create and deliver innovative solutions while adhering to the highest professional standards.

Nobel Oil's drilling subsidiary - SOCAR-AQS - provides drilling services, including horizontal drilling developed in close collaboration with Halliburton.

Nobel Oil's subsidiary - Global Energy Solutions (Glensol) - sells and provides installation, commissioning, start-up, operation and maintenance of gas turbines and compressors. Glensol also provides off-shore top drive maintenance services as well as inspection, maintenance and repair capability for other rotary equipment and static equipment. In partnership with Suez, Glensol offers operational solutions in the water treatment area. 

Prokon, another subsidiary, is Nobel Oil's project and construction management company and focuses on installation of offshore gas injection plants and offshore power stations and construction of onshore and offshore gas processing and refining facilities. 

Nobel Oil's subsidiary - Llamrei - provides a wide range of oilfield materials and equipment for its clients related to drilling, projects, maintenance and production operations.  Llamrei focuses on optimizing the flow of material and equipment from the point of origin to delivery to the customer. 

Nobel Oil's JV - SDL Nobel - provides onshore and offshore fabrication and installation services, including the fabrication and installation of structural steelwork, upgrades of offshore facilities, pipework systems including high-pressure flow lines, vessels, tanks and related packages. 

Through its corporate social responsibility and community support activities, Nobel Oil is following in the footsteps of Ludvig and Robert Nobel, the founders of the legendary BraNobel Oil company who, alongside their industrial innovations, believed in sustainability. Since Nobel Oil has taken on the mantle of the family name inspired by the Nobel brothers' management philosophy and principles, it provides efficient and high-quality services, and also supports scientific research and development in the fields of renewable and sustainable energy.